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parquet in laminato

Laminate floors

The beauty, strength and variety of our laminate floors

The different kinds of products offers the user the chance of choosing the most appropriate type of PavDecor and that most suits their needs: we provide laminate floors and floorings' accessories.

All types of flooring passed the strictest tests performed by a certified institution obtaining the CE marking; their stability and ability to tolerate even heavy loads make them suitable for use in areas with high traffic. At home, in the office, in department stores, gymnasiums, on stages and wherever there is a need for uniform surfaces giving the feeling of warmth and naturalness. PavDecor is the best response. It lasts long without much maintenance, is easy to clean and has a high resistance to use, stress and cigarettes’ burns. It’s available in many colours and finishes. 

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Choose your laminate floor


Easy to install and to clean, resistant in time and everyday’s life, with natural colors and veining that will give a unique style to your space: select from our wide range of parquet in laminate Prestige.

Measurements: 1380 x 193 thick. 7 mm – HDF – AC3

  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 2745 fin. PR

    Rovere Bianco
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 0701 fin. PR

    Rovere Diamante
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 2709 fin. WG

    Rovere Solbiate
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 2709 fin. WG

    Rovere Classic
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 1416 fin. PR

    Rovere Laurentina
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 0654 fin. PR

    Rovere Fiumicino
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 1404 fin. PR

    Rovere Rustico
  • pavimenti in laminato

    D 0854 fin. PR



Easy to install and to clean, durable in time and everyday’s life, with sophisticated colors and veining that will give a unique character to your space: select from our wide range of laminate wooden flooring Noblesse.

Measurements: 1380 x 193 thick. 8 mm – HDF – AC4

  • D 8009

    D 8009 WG

    Rovere Oristano
  • D 2413 

    D 4930 PM

    Rovere Naturale Classic
  •  D 3782

    D 3782 NM

    Rovere Ascona
  • D 8011 

    D 8011 WG

    Rovere Strasburgo
  • D 2300 

    D 2300 WG

    Noce Americano
  • D 2281 

    D 2281 WG

    Original Merbau
  •  D 2833

    D 2833 WG

    Rovere Camargue
  • D 8013 

    D 8013 NM

    Rovere Helsinki
  • D 8014 

    D 8014 NM

    Rovere New York
  • D 3784

    D 3784 NM

    Rovere Lucerne
  • D 4931 

    D 4931 PM

    Rovere Naturale Marrone
  • D 4933 

    D 4933 PM

    Rovere Naturale Cenere



Misure: 1380 x 193 sp. 8 mm - HDF - AC4 - V4 bisellatura sui quattro lati

  • D 8011

    D 8011 NM

    Rovere Strasburgo
  • D 3180

    D 3180 RU

    Rovere Lugano
  • D 3044

    D 3044 RU

    Rovere Rift
  • D 3040

    D 3040 NM

    Rovere Grinon
  • D 0214

    D 0214 BD

  • D 2774

    D 2774 BD

    Pino Rustico
  • D 3245

    D 3245 BD

    Rovere Historic
  • D 8013

    D 8013 NM

    Rovere Helsinki
  • D 8014

    D 8014 NM

    Rovere New York
  • D 8012

    D 8012 NM

    Rovere Tokio


The laminate floor Syncchrome is chamfered, or bevelled, on the 4 sides: the result is an improved aesthetical taste while minimizing the imperfections and reaching more stability.

Measurements: 1380 x193 thick. 8 mm – HDF – AC4 – V4 bevelled on the 4 sides

  • D 3032

    D 3035 CP

    Rovere Davos
  • D 4202

    D 4202 CP

    Rovere Interlaken
  • D 3032 

    D 3034 CP

    Rovere Engelberg
  • D 3032 

    D 3033 CP

    Rovere Zermatt
  • D 3032

    D 3032 CP

    Rovere Verbier
  • D 2025

    D 2025 CP

    Rovere Leysin
  • D 3030

    D 3030 CP

    Rovere Arosa


Il pavimento MEGA è considerato tra i migliori pavimenti in laminato con effetto pietra naturale. Disponibile in quattro versioni differenti, è l’ideale per le abitazioni più esclusive e ricercate.

Misure: 1380 x 398 sp. 8 mm – HDF – AC5 - V5 bisellatura sui 4 lati e centrale.

  • D 4482 

    D 4482 SL

  • D 4479 

    D 4479 SL

  • D 4483 

    D 4483 SL

  • D 4481 

    D 4481 SL



Easy to install and to clean, anti-static, long lasting in time and everyday’s life, with particular colors and veining that give a unique and exclusive style to your space: select from our wide range of wood flooring for interiors Style.

Measurements: 1380 x 398 thick. 8 mm – HDF – AC4 ANTI-STATIC

  • D 4109 

    D 4109 NM


All the finishes for laminate flooring

Choose the finish you like best for your laminate floors: the finishes of our laminate floors range from smooth to more sophisticated vein

  • sl.jpg

    CF finish

    Il Classico
    Effetto Pietra
  • BD

    BD finish

    The unique matt-glossy effect of a brushed wooden floor
  • CP

    CP finish

    The exclusive look of a synchronized finish and a chrome frame
  • RU

    RU finish

    The rustic “saw cut” effect
  • WG

    WG finish

    The classic “wood fiber” look
  • PR

    PR finish

    The fine wooden structure
  • NM

    NM finish

    The natural matting effect of a floor in oiled real wood
  • PM

    PR finish

    The fine wooden structure
    Premium Matt

Technical details


  • Standard Institute Control Results
    EN 13329 WKI Impact resistance Class NK 23-31: IC1, NK 32: 1C2
    EN 120 WKI Formaldheyde emission E1 – HDF
    EN 13329 WKI Stain resistance Group 1-2: Grade 5, Group 3: Grade 4
    EN 13329 WKI Light resistance Blue scale: not less tha category 6
    Gray scale: not less than category 4
    EN 13329 WKI Resistance to cigarette burns Grade 4
    EN ISO 9239-1 / EN ISO 11925-2 / EN 13501-1 MPA Reaction to fire Hardly flammable.
    Class Cfl-s1
    EN 13329 WKI Try moving the foot of a piece of furniture No visible alteration type 0
    EN 13329 WKI Try moving wheels of a piece of furniture No visible alteration nor damages according to EN 425
    DIN EN 12667 eph Heat conductivity R1025/30 [(m2k)W]
    7mm: 0,054 - 8mm: 0,059 - 10mm: 0,075 - 12mm: 0,089
    Suitable for floor heating
        Elimination The floor can be removed to landfill, burned or recycled
  • laminate flooring Resistente all'abrasione
    laminate flooring Resistente alle rotelle di sedie
    laminate flooring Adatto a riscaldamento a pavimento
    laminate flooring Resistente alle bruciature di sigarette
    laminate flooring Resistente alla luce
    laminate flooring Resistente alle macchie
    laminate flooring Classe di emissione di formaldeide
    laminate flooring Resistente allo scivolamento
  • Technical details – Structure of the plank

  • Use class:
    Intended use Weak use Average use Intensive use
    Domestic floors in laminate
    floors in laminate
    Dining rooms, living rooms
    floors in laminate
    Kitchen, halls
    Commercial floors in laminate
    Hotel rooms, small offices
    floors in laminate
    Offices, boutiques
    floors in laminate
    Shops, corridors

Laying floors in laminate

Basic general instructions for laying floors in laminate

PavDecor laminate floorsare exclusively intended for a floating laying in interiors, not exposed to humidity nor to water leaks. The subfloor on which the Pavdecor will be laid must be perfectly levelled. Small irregularities can be offset by the underfloor-airbed. Unevenness of the floor more than 3 mm per linear meter must be removed or compensated with self-leveling.

At least 48 hours before laying, place in the room subfloor the floor boxes in the original package, in horizontal position and not against the walls; keep them least 50 cm away from the walls. This is to make sure that the panels acclimatise in the environment in which they will be laid. Before, during and at least three days after laying, the following space-climatic conditions should be met: - Floor temperature: min. 15°C - Ambient temperature: min. 18°C - Atmospheric moisture: min. 50/60% The optimal moisture left into the rooms should be never ess than 45% in order to avoid the possible inconveniences from static electricity phenomena.
The direction to lay the laminate floors is usually, for aesthetic reasons, the longitudinal one from the main source of light in the room.

The laminate flooring should NEVER be glued, nailed or stuck to the ground in any way. The panels must be carefully checked before laying in order to find out dents or any other defects. The skirting board, after laying, must be fixed exclusively to the wall and not to the floor. During the laying, carefully follow the installation instructions. In case of any problems immediately stop the laying and contact your dealer or a professional installer..


Laminate flooring: cleaning and maintenance

Pavdecor laminate floors are highly hygienic and easy to clean. For daily cleaning, simply use a vacuum cleaner or electrostatic cloths. For a deeper cleaning, you can use a damp wrung cloth with or without detergent for domestic use.

NEVER use abrasives or wax on laminate flooring.

Stubborn dirt or stains of shoe polish, coffee, glue or other can easily be removed with acetone or other alcoholic solvents.


pavimenti in laminato

1. Orders
  • Commissions sent through agents shall be subject to acceptance of Pennacchioni Spa.
2. Transport and delivery
  • Transport costs that will be charged are those indicated on the price list.
  • For orders less than or equal to n.10 boxes of floor and /or accessories, the transport charges will be calculated according to the weight and the place where the goods must be delivered.
  • In case of “urgent delivery” requirement, the transport will have a surcharge of 35%
  • The download with tail lift may be requested by the customer at a flat rate of € 20
  • Any delivery dates specified by Pennacchioni in order’s confirmation have to be considered only indicative and not binding. Therefore, no penalty or damage may be claimed in relation to any delays.
  • Porterage service or delivery to floors are not provided.
3. Claims
  • The goods travel at the buyer’s risk even if sold free.
  • The goods must be carefully inspected during downloading. Particularly, it’s necessary to check the number of packages and the goods’ condition. In case of discrepancy on packages’ number and / or anomalies due to tampering and / or damage on the received material, affix written objection on the transport document and immediately notify the selling company. In the absence of written report on the shipping document, no later complaint will be accepted.
  • Any claims about defects undetectable by careful inspection while downloading, must be notified by writing a letter to the selling company within eight days of receipt of the goods, and anyway before starting the laying.
  • If any defects should highlight during the laying, the installer must immediately stop it, informing the selling company promptly under penalty of forfeiture of all his rights.
  • Any claims or disputes do not give the Purchaser the right to suspend or delay payments.
4. Returns
  • No product may be returned by the Purchaser without prior written permission of the seller.
  • Requests for returns will be taken into consideration only in case of detection of faults and/or defects on the goods with intact and undamaged packaging.
  • Any accepted returns do not give the Purchaser the right to stop or delay payments. The returns will be settled by the selling company with the issue of credit note and payment of the latter.
5. Payment, discounts and / or rebates
  • Un less otherwise agreed, the first supply should be paid in advance or cash on delivery if previously granted.
  • Payment will be made in accordance with the conditions set in the order confirmation and / or invoice.
  • In case of delayed payment, the selling company will have the right to suspend deliveries and may in its discretion cancel any contract with the Buyer.
  • Any discounts and / or rebates requested to the agents or representatives and “granted” by them, can not be regarded as such without further confirmation of the seller.

semilavorati per mobili

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