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PAVDECOR naturale come il legno
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Laminate floors


The different kinds of products offers the user the chance of choosing the most appropriate type of PavDecor and that most suits their needs: we provide laminate floors and floorings' accessories.

All types of flooring passed the strictest tests performed by a certified institution obtaining the CE marking; their stability and ability to tolerate even heavy loads make them suitable for use in areas with high traffic. At home, in the office, in department stores, gymnasiums, on stages and wherever there is a need for uniform surfaces giving the feeling of warmth and naturalness. PavDecor is the best response. It lasts long without much maintenance, is easy to clean and has a high resistance to use, stress and cigarettes’ burns. It’s available in many colours and finishes.

  • Standard Institute Control Results
    EN 13329 WKI Impact resistance Class NK 23-31: IC1, NK 32: 1C2
    EN 120 WKI Formaldheyde emission E1 – HDF
    EN 13329 WKI Stain resistance Group 1-2: Grade 5, Group 3: Grade 4
    EN 13329 WKI Light resistance Blue scale: not less tha category 6
    Gray scale: not less than category 4
    EN 13329 WKI Resistance to cigarette burns Grade 4
    EN ISO 9239-1 / EN ISO 11925-2 / EN 13501-1 MPA Reaction to fire Hardly flammable.
    Class Cfl-s1
    EN 13329 WKI Try moving the foot of a piece of furniture No visible alteration type 0
    EN 13329 WKI Try moving wheels of a piece of furniture No visible alteration nor damages according to EN 425
    DIN EN 12667 eph Heat conductivity R1025/30 [(m2k)W]
    7mm: 0,054 - 8mm: 0,059 - 10mm: 0,075 - 12mm: 0,089
    Suitable for floor heating
        Elimination The floor can be removed to landfill, burned or recycled.
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